Established history

Faculty of Information Technology - Vietnam Maritime University was established on 18/12/1997. The forerunner of the Faculty was Information Technology Center established on 17/9/1996 with 2 basic tasks:

  1. Educating Information Technology major of college level.
  2. Teaching 2 subjects of General Informatics and Applied Informatics for the whole University.

Shortly after its founding, the Faculty was assigned the tasks of:

  1. Training the major Information Technology in regular university system
  2. Training the major Information Technology in non-regular university system
  3. Training the major Information Technology in regular college system
  4. Teaching 2 subjects of General Informatics and Applied Informatics for other faculties throughout the University.

At the time of establishment, together with 6 other IT faculties in the country, Faculty of Information Technology - Vietnam Maritime University was one of the institutes of IT was established early.

At first, due to the insufficient number of staff and facilities, the Faculty only enrolls 1 university class and 1 college class each year. The first regular university course of the Faculty was CNT39DH in the academic year 1998-2002.

In the academic year 2007-2008, the Faculty has stopped enrollment of regular college, focus on the courses of regular universities with the enrollment scale increasing to 2-3 classes a year.

To K54 (2012-2013), the Faculty has recruited and trained in 3 major subjects: Information Technology (CNT), Software Engineering (KPM) and Communications and Computer Networks (TTM), the enrollment scale also increased to 200 students a year.

From the academic year 2016-2017, according to the guideline of the University, the Faculty has built and introduced into the enrollment, training the major Information Technology in regular university system - High-quality, 2 classes a year.

From 2013, with the maturity of a team of teachers (11 Ph.D.), the Faculty has developed and put into training Master of Information Technology, 2 classes each year.

By the academic year 2017-2018, the Faculty changed the curriculum, the training time of all majors of the regular university to 4 years as CDIO standards.

At present, the Faculty has 5 departments:

  1. Department of Computer Science by Dr. Nguyen Duy Truong Giang is the Deputy Head, in charge of the major Information Technology (CNT).
  2. Department of Information Systems by Dr. Tran Thi Huong is the Deputy Head, in charge of the major Software Engineer (KPM).
  3. Department of Communications and Computer Networks by MSc. Cao Duc Hanh is the Deputy Head, in charge of the major Communications and Computer Networks (TTM).
  4. Department of Computer Engineering by MSc. Pham Trung Minh is the Deputy Head, responsible for the foundation of the system for other departments.
  5. Department of General Informatics by the Dr. Ho Thi Huong Thom is the Deputy Head, responsible for the subject Microsoft Office for the whole university and supporting other departments

The total number of students studying at Faculty of Information Technology is 1050 students. Annual enrollment target of the Faculty is 250-300 students for 3 regular university majors, 40 Masters for two intakes.

About infrastructure: Faculty is managing more than 400 computers and laboratory equipment for practice of Software Engineer, Network System Administration...

IT students from the Faculty of Education have met the needs of society and accepted by the students. At present, the students of the Faculty are holding different positions in enterprises, public units in Hai Phong city and the northern coastal provinces. In big cities like Hanoi, Students of the Faculty are also working in prestigious companies such as FPT, Topica, VNPT ,Viettel ... Particularly recently, with the strong investments of large enterprises of European scale the world to Haiphong such as LG EVH, LG Innotek, LG Display, XEROX, Bridgestone ... The demand of IT employees rose fast, creating great opportunities for students of Faculty of IT.

Faculty Board of Faculty through the period:

  1. Dr. Le Duc Man - Director of IT Center - the precursor of the Faculty
  2. Ass-Prof. Dr. Than Ngoc Hoan - Dean of the Faculty.
  3. Dr. Le Quoc Dinh – Former Dean of the Faculty (for the longest time).
  4. Dr . Phung Van - Former Vice Dean
  5. Dr . Nguyen Canh Toan - Former Vice Dean
  6. Ass-Prof. Dr. Do Duc Luu - Former Vice Dean

Board of Management of the current Faculty:


Dr . Nguyen Huu Tuan - Dean

Dr . Nguyen Trong Duc - Vice Dean

Dr . Nguyen Trung Duc - Vice Dean




Oriented development:

It can be said that the Faculty is facing great opportunities and challenges when the industrial revolution 4.0 has identified IT as a driving force and an important factor for the national economic development. This is a great opportunity for Vietnam IT industry to develop in general and for Faculty of IT development in particular, but this is also a big challenge when industrial revolution 4.0 requires major investments in facilities and submission. certain knowledge. In addition, the entrepreneurial movement is a very attractive and attractive direction for students, especially IT students.

Facing these opportunities and challenges, IT Faculty has determined that it will become a quality training institution, a unit of scientific research and capable of transferring technology, applying it in practice, contributing to The goal is to build the University of Vietnam into a national key university, with the quality of training approached by universities in the region and internationally.

About training programs: Faculty define innovative teaching methods and training programs is an important goal and will complete the construction of three majors with new training standards of CDIO in the academic year 2017-2018. In addition, the Faculty has introduced new modules in the field of Internet of Things, Deep learning, Computer Vision to teach in line with the trend. of the industrial revolution 4.0. The faculty will also study and progress to put the student's performance standards with international career certificates to ensure the quality of training and enhance the brand of the Faculty and the School.

About the faculty team: Faculty continues to encourage teachers to improve their education, have international professional certificates to improve the quality of teaching staff, training process.

About science research: Every year, the Faculty strives to have 12-15 university projects successfully protected, 1 ministry or national project, linking scientific research with practical application, have 5-10 science articles published in international journals / conferences.